Blood Pressure Measurement Device U80FH

Blood Pressure Measurement Device U80FH

* Household and professional blood pressure monitor;
* Fully automatic upper arm style;


* Blood pressure measurement device U80FH is a durable automatic products for home use, and also professional use. Because of be designed with automatic inflation and deflation, so less time is spent to measure your blood pressure. Besides that, this sphygmomanometer is very easy to operate, with one button to start and stop the measurement. Most importantly, the device is clinical proven high accurate, but it provides fast and reliable results.
* More over, U80FH blood pressure measurement device accurately measure average blood pressure, systolic and also diastolic pressures, and pulse rate.

LCD with Backlight display:
LCD displays with 3 colors backlight to make it easier to view the readings in dim areas or dark place, such as hospital wards at night.
Large Start/Stop button with blue backlight display in the middle to start and stop the measurement.


Designed for routine blood pressure measurement. Enhanced usability for nurses to carry the device from bed to bed and continuous blood pressure measurements. Therefore, allow you to carry with ease, moreover, durable enough to survive the massive used in the hospitals.
In addition, the device can be used on people of age 12 years and above.


U80FH blood pressure monitor Specifications:

* Blue backlight for START/STOP button.
* 3 colors backlight for LCD (For instance, Green, Yellow and Red color). 
As a result, LCD displays with different color according to the different blood pressure level as below,
Green: Optimal/Normal blood pressure;
Yellow: High normal value;
Red: Mild/Moderate/Severe hypertension;
1. Large LCD size: 80 x 72mm with digit height 26.3mm;
2. Each user 90 groups memory function, then 2 users totally;
3. Average calculating for the latest 3 times measurement value;
4. Blood pressure classification (WHO) indicator;
5. Irregular heartbeat (IHB) indicator;
6. Time function: including Year/Month/Date, moreover, Hour/Minutes function;
7. Accuracy: Pressure +/-3mmHg, and Pulse +/-5%;
8. Automatically inflate and deflate;
9. Power by 4 AA size alkaline batteries, either or AC/DC power supply;
10. Automatic power-off function; 

Product packing details: 

 1. Product size: 139×99.5x46mm;
 2. Gift Box Size: 115x85x163mm;
 3. Meas: 445x245x345mm, then 20pcs/ctn;
 4. N.W.: 9.7kgs, then G.W.: 10.3kgs;
5. 20′: 13,380pcs, then totally 669ctns;
 6. 40′: 26,760pcs, then totally 1,338ctns;

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