Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

* Wrist blood pressure monitor are easy-to-use for home use. It inflate and deflate automatically. Moreover, it is medical CE and FDA approval.

* Medical wrist blood pressure monitor accurately measures the systolic and diastolic pressures and pulse rate, furthermore, it measures the average blood pressure.

* Please use WEONY digital wrist blood pressure monitor exactly as directed in the instruction manual, and your wrist must keep same level as the heart.

* Production capacity:
blood pressure monitor: 300K pcs/month;

* Dual Users Mode
Users can choose from two users for the measurement and checking memory- User 1 and User 2. Besides that, each user has 90 groups memory.

* Irregular Heartbeat Indicator
Helps identify changes in heart rate, rhythm or pulse which may be caused by heart disease or other serious health issues.

* Long Battery life
Customized alkaline battery makes it possible to provide 300 measurements.

The unit apply to people of age 12 years and above.



  • U60AH

    Product size:66.5×63.5x55mm

    Gift Box Size:88x87x87mm

  • U60BH

    Product size:79x66x64.5mm

    Gift Box Size:88x87x87mm

  • U60CH

    Product size:79x66x64.5mm

    Gift Box Size:88x87x87mm

  • U60EH

    Product size:79x66x64.5mm

    Gift Box Size:88x87x87mm

  • U60GH

    Function Optional:

    * Talking function;

    * Bluetooth transmission for ios and Android;

    * LCD with 1 color backlight display;

    * LCD with 3 colors Changing Indication as below,
    Green: Optimal/Normal blood pressure;
    Yellow: High Normal value;
    Red: Mild/Moderate/Severe hypertension;