Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

* Upper arm blood pressure monitor are easy-to-use and durable automatic products for professional use. They are clinical proven high accurate, therefore, they provides fast and reliable results.
* There is no risk of mercury leakage for these digital blood pressure monitor. It employ oscillometric measurements rather than auscultation. Besides that, the product is very easy to operate that automatic inflation and deflation.
* Upper arm blood pressure monitor accurately measure the average blood pressure, systolic and diastolic pressures, moreover, the pulse rate.

* Production capacity:

blood pressure monitor arm style: 300K pcs/month;

* CUFF Size

Cuff size is available for use on different arm circumference (optional):
XL: 32-52cm, L: 22-42cm, S:17-22cm, Standard: 22-32cm


Designed for routine blood pressure measurements. Enhanced usability for nurses to carry the device from bed to bed and continuous blood pressure measurements. And allow you to carry with ease, moreover, durable enough to survive the frequently used in the hospitals.

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