Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

* WEONY is a professional manufacturer of digital blood pressure monitor. We have a strong and experienced R&D department. Including software, electronics, structure, engineering and designer. Therefore, we can customize for every customer easily, and make our product with higher accuracy. Besides that, we have our own SMT and Bonding workshop, to control the quality and cost. Hence, we are pleased to accept OEM, ODM and SKD orders.

* We has passed ISO13485 and BSCI, and our products get the international approval like medical CE, FDA, SFDA, FSC, RoHS, REACH, Phthalates and PAHs. At present, we sell our products to Europe, South America, Middle East, Asia and so on. Because of our high quality and best service, we are doing business with many well known companies. Then have a good reputation in the market.

* We have a great sales team to follow your projects, and professional production staff to take care of your orders. Which make sure that your order are produced at the highest quality. If you choose us, be sure that we’ll provide you with satisfactory products and perfect after-sales service.

* Production capacity:

blood pressure monitor: 300K pcs/month;

  • Blood Pressure Machine U80AH

    * Home use blood pressure machine;

    * Fully automatic and simple operation;

  • Digital blood pressure monitor U80B

    * Household and professional blood pressure monitor;

    * Fully automatic upper arm style sphygmomanometer;

  • Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor U80BH

    * Routine usage digital blood pressure monitor;

    * Fully automatic inflation and deflation;

  • U60AH

    Product size:66.5×63.5x55mm

    Gift Box Size:88x87x87mm

  • U60BH

    Product size:79x66x64.5mm

    Gift Box Size:88x87x87mm

  • U60CH

    Product size:79x66x64.5mm

    Gift Box Size:88x87x87mm

  • U60EH

    Product size:79x66x64.5mm

    Gift Box Size:88x87x87mm

  • U60GH

    Function Optional:

    * Talking function;

    * Bluetooth transmission for ios and Android;

    * LCD with 1 color backlight display;

    * LCD with 3 colors Changing Indication as below,
    Green: Optimal/Normal blood pressure;
    Yellow: High Normal value;
    Red: Mild/Moderate/Severe hypertension;

  • U80C

    Simplest and best blood pressure monitors for home use which with high accuracy;

    MDD CE & FDA approval medical device;

    Product size:132x100x45mm

    Gift Box Size: 115x85x163mm

  • U80E

    Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor For Most Accurate Measurement;

    CE & FDA approval Blood Pressure Monitor;

    Product size:132x100x45mm

    Gift Box Size: 115x85x163mm

  • U80EH

    Product size:132x100x45mm

    Gift Box Size: 115x85x163mm

  • U80FH

    * Blue backlight for START/STOP button

    * 3 colors backlight for LCD (Green, Yellow and Red).

    Product size:139×99.5x46mm

    Gift Box Size: 115x85x163mm