Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor U80N

Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor U80N

* Routine usage digital upper arm blood pressure monitor;
* Fully automatic inflation and deflation;


* Digital upper arm blood pressure monitor model U80N is equipped with highly durable pump and sensor for heavy duty usage in the medical environment. But the unit can be used on people of age 12 years and above. This digital upper arm blood pressure monitor measures your blood pressure and pulse with automatic inflation and deflation. Besides that, this device is simple and easy to operate, because of with one button to start and stop the measurement. Most importantly, it is clinical proven high accurate, and provides fast and reliable results.
* Besides that, U80N blood pressure machine accurately measure average blood pressure, pulse rate, systolic pressure, moreover, diastolic pressure.

Ergonomic Design:
Compact and light weight (main unit weighs only 287g) design built, therefore, it allows the users to carry the device easily.

Dual Users Mode:
Users can choose from two users for the measurement and checking memory- User 1 and User 2. And each user has 90 groups memory.

Irregular heartbeat Indicator:
Helps identify changes in heart rate, rhythm or pulse which may be caused by heart disease or other serious health issues.

Long Battery life:
Customized alkaline battery, so makes it possible to provide 300 measurements.


Blood pressure monitor specifications:

1. Large LCD size: 73x54mm;
2. Each user with 90 groups memory, then in total 2 users;
3. Average calculating for the latest 3 times measurement value;
4. Blood pressure classification (WHO) indicator;
5. Irregular heartbeat (IHB) indicator;
6. Time function: include Year/Month/Date, besides that, Hour/Minute show;
7. Accuracy: Pressure +/-3mmHg, and Pulse+/-5%;
8. Automatically inflation, also automatically deflation;
9. Power by 4 AA size alkaline batteries, and also or AC/DC power supply;
10. Automatic power-off function; 

  Packing details:

1. Product size: 139×99.5x46mm;
 2. Gift Box Size: 115x85x163mm;
 3. Meas: 445x245x345mm, then 20pcs/ctn totally;
 4. N.W.: 8.8kgs, then G.W.: 9.4kgs;
5. 20′: 13,380pcs, so 669ctns totally;
6. 40′: 26,760pcs, so 1,338ctns totally;

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